Month: February 2019

Vehicle financing via an intermediary is basically possible

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Car financing without Schufa is possible and necessary if the credit check of the vehicle buyer contains several negative entries or a hard negative feature. With only a single existing soft negative Schufa entry vehicle financing is possible in the classical way, as some financial institutions and especially the auto banks lending performed on a […]

Lower the loan installments

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Lower the loan installments Lowering the loan installments is not easy, precisely because it is not easy to find professionals in the sector. In this small article we will show you how there are some financial instruments that can help you, based on your personal needs. The Italians are rich and can stand austerity, the […]

Working capital loan – definition, interest, amortization

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A working capital loan is short- to medium-term debt that serves to finance the current assets of companies / self-employed. He is usually in overdraft / frame of banks on the current account ( “working capital loan” or “revolving (” Working Capital Facility “) or as a short-term loan business loan provided”) are available. use […]