Lower the loan installments

Lower the loan installments

Lowering the loan installments is not easy, precisely because it is not easy to find professionals in the sector. In this small article we will show you how there are some financial instruments that can help you, based on your personal needs.

Lower the loan installments

The Italians are rich and can stand austerity, the Germans said. It is not really so. In fact, in recent years, to cope with the crisis, on the one hand, Italian families have become increasingly indebted, on the other, banks have tightened the parameters for access to credit. In this last year there has finally been a reversal of the trend with the increase in the granting of personal loans and in the disbursement of loans to families.

Yet there are still so many people who find it difficult to obtain the liquidity necessary for the needs of their family

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Perhaps due to excessive debt? Certainly people are not well informed .

In these cases it is good to turn to consultants specialized in credit who, by analyzing each person’s financial situation in detail, will be able to advise the best and find the most suitable solutions for their needs, combining, if necessary, more forms of financing. Among the possible solutions, it is good to keep in mind:

  • Mutual consolidation / liquidity : this product allows you to get rid of all the installments and pay a single payment very low thanks to a favorable rate.
  • Personal loan consolidation : a simple solution for those looking for smaller amounts.
  • Sale of the fifth consolidation : a form of fixed-rate financing, with life and employment insurance coverage included in the installment, which is withheld each month from salary or pension. Granted at favorable conditions (thanks to CONVENTIONS stipulated with the public administration) even in the presence of financial problems and excessive indebtedness.