Real Estate Financing

Who wants to build or buy a house, often faces the problem that he needs a real estate loan. The inclusion of such a loan is then easily possible if the borrower has a good Schufa score and no negative Schufa entries. German credit institutions always make their loan commitment dependent on a Schufa request. If, for example, it proves that the person requesting has not always paid his telephone bill on time and / or is currently paying off a consumer credit, this is often followed by a refusal.

Even if a loan has already been fully paid off, the Schufa entry will remain in effect for another three years. Disputed invoices for which no court verdict is yet available at the time of applying for a credit also have a negative impact on the Schufa score. When applying for a real estate loan, the personal wealth and income situation is even more closely examined than, for example, with a normal consumer loan. If you do not have an immaculate credit rating, you should do the same with real estate financing without Schufa.

What is real estate financing?


Real estate financing without Schufa is a loan granted by a Swiss or other European credit institution. Since the banks do not conduct a Schufa inquiry before granting a loan, these loans are particularly suitable for German citizens with less than good creditworthiness. The creditworthiness of the applicant is checked only on the basis of the household income and available securities.

After the loan has been granted, the loan will not be registered with the German Schufa. Neither German banks nor the employer know that the person has received a Swiss real estate loan. Thus, a further burden on the credit line in advance can be excluded.

The loan without Schufa is not tied to a particular purpose, but can also be used to finance real estate. In addition, there are special real estate loans without Schufa, which are being used for real estate purchases and for the renovation and renovation of owner-occupied residential property. However, home-building financing is not possible with Swiss real estate loans.

The real estate loans without Schufa request and Schufa entry are applied for through credit intermediaries who receive a commission from the lending banks. The application for such a loan is made quickly and easily via the Internet. The applicant usually receives a provisional loan commitment within 24 hours, when all data is complete and the conditions are met. If he then sends the printed loan application with all the necessary supporting documents within a short time by means of a post -ident procedure, he will soon be able to obtain a final confirmation after examining his documents.

The payment will then be made within a few days to the specified German checking account. Swiss real estate loans are granted by a German bank, irrespective of existing mortgage lending. German self-employed also find it easier to obtain a real estate loan: unlike German banks, which usually refuse to grant loans to the self-employed and to freelancers, these groups of people receive loans from Swiss banks without Schufa can sufficiently secure the loan.

Requirements for a real estate loan

Requirements for a Swiss real estate loan


If you would like to apply for a Swiss real estate loan, you should fulfill the following requirements: You are of legal age, have your permanent residence in Germany and a German checking account. In addition, you have a regular fixed monthly income, so you are a worker, an employee, or a civil servant. Real estate financing without Schufa will also be extended to pensioners, trainees and temporary workers if they have sufficient collateral in addition to their regular fixed income.

The monthly income is ideally so high that an unproblematic loan repayment is possible. Borrowers in employment must agree to a salary / reward assignment. If the monthly income is not that high, additional collateral such as life insurance, disability insurance, real estate or securities is required. For self-employed / freelancers they serve as the only credit security.

Real estate loan conditions

Since this loan is a special loan, you must expect a higher interest rate than the corresponding German loans with Schufa.The average annual interest rate for Swiss real estate loans is over 4.00% pa

No brokerage fees will be charged for the provision of the Swiss real estate loan without Schufa. As a rule, however, there are processing costs, as the lending bank can only carry out its creditworthiness analysis by eliminating the Schufa request on the basis of the income and asset situation of the borrower.

In general, higher monthly income significantly increases the chances of obtaining a loan commitment. However, it must be a regular income. However, if your monthly income is rather low, then you should list a second borrower with regular monthly income in the loan agreement (spouse, relative). Since it increases the household income, increase your chances of a positive decision.

In addition, with a generally higher income, it is not so important to have low collateral. Then usually a wage / salary assignment is sufficient. However, if you have collateral, you will even get a lower interest rate loan. By the way: It is also possible to mortgage the Swiss loan.

In real estate financing without Schufa, the conclusion of a residual debt insurance is always required if the borrower does not have sufficient collateral. The RSV increases the cost of credit even further. If you are forced to conclude an RSV and plan to repay your loan early, you should inquire immediately what will happen to her: your period of notice does not coincide then with the term of the real estate loan.

What you can recognize dubious credit intermediaries

Unfortunately, in the area of real estate financing without Schufa, there are also credit intermediaries with unfair intentions who would like to enrich themselves with the financial difficulties of the loan seekers, so you should exercise particular caution when

– You should already pay in advance processing fees. In most cases, the loan is not granted and you lose the money paid.
– you should conclude additional insurance or financial advisory contracts. You can not cancel after the credit cancellation.
– You receive a loan offer with a significantly inflated interest rate.
– the credit intermediary insists on a blank transfer or on a salary transfer.

– You will receive your contract documents by cash on delivery. This weighs you in the certainty that you have already received a loan approval and only have to make a signature.
– The loan is referred to as a “financing offer”.
– You have to pay high fees for telephone customer support.
– the supposed credit intermediary is a private individual.

The most well-known reputable brokers for real estate financing

The most well-known reputable brokers for real estate financing without Schufa

If you are looking for a reputable real estate financing without Schufa, it is advisable to use one of the free credit comparison portals on the Internet. In addition to the usual query criteria such as annual percentage rate, loan amount, amount of the monthly rate, etc., you should pay particular attention to the special rules. They differ more in real estate loans without Schufa than in the usual real estate loans, since there are no uniform rules.

The best-known providers on the market are the Swiss market leader Bon Kredit and the German credit intermediaries Creditolo and MAXDA. They offer schafafreie real estate loans up to 100,000 or 250,000 euros with a maximum repayment period of 120 months. The credit-based interest rate currently amounts to at least 4.90%, 4.91% and 4.95% pa

Bon credit does not necessarily require the existence of an equity interest. The provider requires a salary assignment and is therefore out of the question for self-employed. The debt-free mortgage loan from Creditolo can be used to repay existing mortgage loans due.